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Marlene Dahl is a weaver and textile artist that lives and works in a thatched cottage in the west of Ireland. Originally from the north of Sweden but has been residing in Ireland for over ten years. At an early age she was introduced to handcrafted textiles such as knitting and cross-stitch through her mother and it has had a strong presence in her life ever since.

Marlene graduated from GMIT’s Creative Centre for Arts and Media with a Bachelors Degree in Textile Art and Design. In 2017 she received DCCOI Future Makers Studio Support Award and has continued to exhibit her woven art works in galleries and at various events.

Marlene also does tutoring in loom and tapestry weaving.


Natural and Ethical

Marlene primarily uses natural fibres in her work and sources organic and recycled yarn whenever possible. She believes it is significant and vital to make conscious decisions towards sustainability through every step of her artistic practice.

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