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A trip to Galway

It’s not often I get the chance to go in to Galway city these days as we are still encouraged to limit our travel because of the virus. And honestly it’s hard getting used to being out in public with people around after being isolated for most of the spring time. But of course it is what we have to do – and we just have to be kind to ourselves as we are navigating through this pandemic.

I walked along the impressive Corrib River that cuts through the city and runs out into Galway Bay. And what a glorious day for a walk by the river. Because of the weather being spectacular and so accomodationg it was easy to collect some decent photographs. The sun was shining and the blues skies reflecting its vibrant colours in the flowing river surface.

The Corrib certainly has a lot of presence in the city of Galway. And there is no doubt that it is stunningly beautiful, but a part of me can’t help to think about those lives that are lost to these waters each year. Various projects such as watch guards schemes have been applied to try and curb these issues which is a good step in the right direct to make the waters around the city a safer enviorment.

During my walk along the river I was especially captivated by the colours and shades created by the elements. There was some fascination textures and details occuring on the water surface. And because the sun was shining so bright these particular patterns casted shadows and shapes on the riverbed itself.

I think these findings discovered will prove useful in the continuation of the work as I determine what colours of yarns and threads I will use. And for some of my more abstract photos I can already envision them being woven into some type of cloth.

Have a lovely weekend


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