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Chasing textures

Another excursion outside gathering visual material. This time it included a walk to examine the Black River which is about 5km from where I live and is an inflow to Lough Corrib. As with all rivers the current and flow are always different depending on how much rainfall there has been. Lately we have had some pretty rainy days so today the river was in full force.

I took some continuous photos of the river right above the bridge which I was quite pleased with. An as I investigated these closer in the studio I do think they capture the textures and movement of the water. It also made me think that this moment, or photos will never occur in the same way again. First of all – the water will be different. But also the shapes, textures and waves created at just that moment will never be able to be recreated. I know that perhaps that could be included for many things occurring in nature – but it really struck me just then and there as I was observing the water flowing by. The ebb and flow. The continuous and inevitable change.

The next step for the research that I collected this time will be to look at it closer in the studio. Perhaps extract shapes, colours, lines within these photos that will then help determine what yarns to use, how the compositions will look like and so on. The photos from today was particularly inspiring – but how can I actually translate these findings into woven cloth? Is it even possible to create these effects of water into textiles? What types of yarns and materials will be suitable? Or should I really take a literal or maybe a more abstract approach?

Many questions are piling up that needs to be resolved and answered. But all in good time.

Take care of yourselfs


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