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Ower Bridge

I won’t hold you long with this post but I just wanted to share some of my findings from today’s visit to Ower Bridge. It was a nice and warm day and the river was flowing along steady. The current was creating passing patterns and textures as I observed from the side.

I keep recording quite a few of videos while I am researching my subject matter. And I’m starting to consider that they might be able to used, in some way, in the final body of work. Of course my skills of recording video visuals are limited but nonetheless I find the clips mesmerizing and absorbing to watch. Perhaps I can pursue this further and combine them into a longer video that could be viewed alongside my textile work. Is it possible to project video on woven cloth? Or will the texture of the fabric distort the image beyond recognition? And could this help emphasise the core message of the work as a whole? I will have to try this idea out more substantially in the studio and ask someone with more experience with this medium for advice.

A little collection of the photographs taken today. And because of the current in the river the reflections of trees and bushes became quite distorted on the surface. But I still think those images are of interest and I am looking forward to see what will emerge from them while development in the studio.

That’s it for this time


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