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Reflections/Another World

Today is the 1st of March and the new project is officially starting. As I said in an earlier post, I have had this idea for this particular body of work on my mind for a long time – so it feels exciting to finally start working on it.

The idea behind this project is to examine what can be discovered when we view our reality from an altered vantage point. By looking at a projected mirror-image of our pasts and surroundings – can we reveal another world of details and intentions that we have yet not noticed? What can we learn from it? And how will it change the way we view and respond in our presence?

I have chosen to use bodies of water, lakes and rivers as my main visual reference and subject matter for this project. Water carries history within itself: where it has been flowing from and what it has experienced through its travels. And as water is a reflective surface, it also allows the viewer to observe the world from an alternate focal point.

I will collect my initial visual research from my immediate surroundings in Headford. That includes going out talking photographs, videos and onsite sketches of anything water-related. Rivers, streams, puddles or other places and incidents where water choses to collect or travel is of interest to me. Then I will bring these visual findings and recordings into the studio and develop them further.

But. I am getting way ahead of myself already. I need to let the process take its time. So for now I leave you with some of my photos from today.

Until next time,


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