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A mild and quiet day by the river today. And it started to softly rain just as I arrived at the bridge that I often use as a viewpoint.

These continuous photographs shows quiet raindrops falling on a calm but flowing river. You can notice the blurry outlines of trees and shrubs. However, the reflection in the water is distorted so you are not entirely sure what you are actually looking at. Textures emerge one by one as the rain falls and then blending in to one another. Ripples merging into other ripples. It is creating a new pattern each time the next drop hits the blank surface. It is fleeting, ephemeral and fluid.

After arriving back home and examining the photos I had taken I was pleased with how much detail and texture I managed to capture. I then continued on doing some mark-making exercises in a sketchbook with watercolour and ink pens.

The idea was to try and represent some of the visuals I had seen and discovered in my photos. I think this type of circular pattern has potential to be used within cloth and it is something that I wish to investigate further at a later stage. But what interest me particularly is the fluidity and softness of the textures; so the weaving techniques and materials I use to demonstrate those qualities will be very important. But that will have to be resolved during the sampling process.

Until next time


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