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Strange times

This is all so strange - and difficult to even just start to write this post. We are in a pandemic. Everything is closed or cancelled and we are told to stay at home. There is panic buying in shops, people have fear in their eyes and we are all learning a whole new vocabulary really, really quickly. There’s only talk of droplets, virus load, reproduction rate, social distancing etc. etc. It’s a little hard just to stay afloat and sane with all this going on right now.

But trying to stay focused on the project definitely helps. I had initially planned to collect more visual research from further afield at this point – such as investigating the many waterways within the Galway city. However, as I am trying to stay as close to home as possible I have to focus more on what is within my reach more locally. The weather is not always on my side when I head out to gather research but you’ll have to make the best of it.

Lately I have really enjoyed making these short videos of the reflections within puddles. It is completely mesmerizing and absorbing. If I move the camera around while recording I can catch a lot of details and unexpected viewpoints of the trees and the plants. In certain instances it does actually look like they are living within the image itself. A world exisiting within this collection of water. However, they are distorted and feels strange somehow. Kind of like what’s happening everywhere at this moment.

Along side collecting visual research for the project I am also looking into celtic folklore and myths involving water. I found out that in some tales in Irish mythology it is said that you could reach the Otherworld by going under the waters of pools, lakes, or the sea. I am not entirely sure what this will lead to yet or what role it will play within the work I am creating. All I know for now is that I have to learn more about it.

Stay safe and sane everyone.


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