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We are in another world now

So at the beginning I partially used the title "Another world" for this project to emphasise the idea of an alternate or distorted viewpoint. That does seem quite chillingly fitting as we right now are living in another world from what we have ever known before.

This virus is spreading and we are all trying to cope with it best we can. And to somehow come to terms with everything that is happening around us. But things are changing rapidly that it is hard to keep up. And everybody is glued to the news and counting numbers and assessing predictions. All while being weary and scared of the information we are receiving. And sometimes it all gets too much. Sometimes it gets really hard to focus and keep going.

I was hoping to be weaving samples on the loom within the next month or so. However, because of Covid restrictions the supplier that I need to get equipment from are closed. And they don’t know when they will be able to send it or if they even have it stock, or if they will have sometime soon. So basically no questions answered and everything is delayed. The whole year of 2020 is put on hold.

But I hope and wish that we can learn something from all of this that is going on. Maybe we don’t have to travel and commute so much. Maybe we don’t have to excessively consume all the things that we excessively consume. And maybe we can embrace a much slower and simpler life.

So in relation to this project and going forward – I will focus on using irish products from irish supplier while creating this body of work. As well as attempt to reinvent and reuse materials wherever possible throughout the creative process. That will of course mean that the choice of yarn and fibres will be limited but perhaps it will bring unexpected discoveries and innovations too.

I'll leave you this time with this little piece of stitching on some tweed fabric

Be kind (and buy irish)


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